Reduce the loading time of your shop in an optimal way with this complete page cache! The module's strategy of caching full pages allows us to use the browser cache which is extremely fast!

What this product brings you:

  • Increases the speed of your site
  • Optimize SEO (SEO) on all search engines
  • Increase your turnover.

Several studies show that the slower your site is, the more people want to leave it and not come back. It's directly linked!

  • Improve your SEO

Since 2010 the positioning in the search results of Google (and probably other search engines) takes into account the response time of the pages. This means that if your site is slow, Google may move it further down the results pages and leave the top positions at faster sites.

  • Reduce your hosting costs

The cache system makes it possible to consume much less CPU, RAM and connections to the database. Therefore you can reduce your package or your resource allocations to your host.

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Additional features:

  • Server-side and browser-side caching of the following complete pages: Home Page, Category Page, Product Page, CMS Page, New Product Page, Top Seller Page, Supplier Page, Brand Page, Contact Form , Promotions page, Sitemap page
  • The cache is configurable for each type of page (enabled or disabled, server-side timeout, browser-side time)
  • Offers 2 cache systems, one of which is more disk space and file count
  • Diagnose your shop and help you to configure it optimally
  • Modules whose display depends on information about the user navigating can be made dynamic so that it is displayed via a single ajax request (example: "Pannier", "Products already viewed" or "My account") .
  • To measure the performance of this module a block of statistics appears on the pages if you enable it
  • The refresh of the cache is based on the changes you make in the administration part. You can configure this refresh based on your site
  • A table displays the 100 most visited pages on your site and shows the hit rate of the cache, i.e. the percentage of times the cache is used. This rate reflects the gain (in terms of resources) provided by the module.
  • The cache can be emptied via the module configuration page and a CRON URL.
  • This module is compatible with CloudCache and other CDNs
  • This module is compatible with the multi shop
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Compatible PS 1.4.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.5.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.6.X.XYes
Compatible PS 1.7.X.XYes
TranslationsEN / FR / DE / ES
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