Round up Product Prices, Shipping Costs, and Cart Total. Avoid price cents on your store unless you apply a specific price or discount coupon, and your orders and invoices will always have exact amounts.

What this product brings you:

Prices always rounded (avoid pennies unless you apply discounts)
Round up Product Prices, Shipping Costs, and Cart Total. Avoid price cents on your store unless you apply a specific price or discount coupon, and your orders and invoices will always have exact amounts.

Strategic (psychological) awards
Use rounding modes that allow you to set strategic (psychological) prices with your customers. The districts at .99 or .95 allow you to apply neuromarketing techniques so that the prices of your products have a psychological effect on the customer and increase his predisposition when buying in your store.
Multiple rounding conditions
The module allows rounding for Currency, Category, Product, Customer Group, Customer, Country, Zone, Manufacturer, Supplier, Attributes, Features, Weight and Stock.
Modify prices in a massive way
The module applies roundness of massive and automatic form (in real time) unless the module is active. The price does not change in the PrestaShop database, so you can apply the rounding without losing the original price of the products.
Apply rounding to reductions
Choose to round all products that meet the selected conditions or avoid applying when you have a discount.
Compatible with geolocation (from PrestaShop or other geolocation modules)
If you enable PrestaShop geolocation, or if any module is installed with this feature, you will be able to use the country and zone filters to define which customers (from which zones and / or countries) you want to apply the configuration.
By accessing your store, you will see the prices rounded according to your IP connection (not the country of the sending direction)

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Types of rounding available:

  • On the rise: always round up (32,33 -> 32,50)
  • On the downside: always round down (32.33 -> 32.00)
  • Nearest: if the decimal place is greater than or equal to .50, we will round up if it is less than .50, we will round down. (32.51 -> 33.00 / 32.48 -> 32.00). In the case where we have no decimal place, we will consider the 5 in place of the .50.
  • Custom: Sets a difference value (threshold) to establish the rounding direction. By choosing customization rounding types, you can set one that determines the rounding of the threshold if the difference after rounding is greater than the threshold or decreasing if the difference is below the threshold. Example: Threshold = 0.20: If the rounded price exceeds 20 cents, round up, in exchange, if it does not exceed 20 cents it will be rounded down.

Rounded Swiss

  • The module includes the Swiss rounding (at 0.05) to show the prices of the selected currency always with 0 to 5 cents.


  • By selecting "up" on the direction of the rounding ": 32.01 -> 32.05
  • By selecting "down" on the rounding direction: 32.01 -> 32.00
  • By selecting the "nearest" in the direction of the rounding: 32.01-> 32.00 and 32.03-> 32.05

Round the total of the Cart

  • Activate the rounding of the total of the basket so that the final amount of the order is exact

Rounding shipping costs

  • Enable rounding of shipping costs to avoid cents on carrier prices.

Filters and conditions

  • Filters and conditions are exclusive, you can accumulate them to create rounding rules as specific as necessary.


  • Rounded Swiss to all products if the currency is the Swiss franc (CHF)
  • Rounded to .99 all products of the category "Offers"
  • Swiss rounded to all customers of the group "Professionals"
  • Rounded to .95 all prices with few units (stock from 1 to 10)
  • Rounded to .99 the price of "Blue" color combinations that have a price below 10 €

Show rounded prices in the backoffice

  • Activate the rounding configuration so that the product lists of the backoffice are displayed, so you will have the column of the final price of the product with the rounding applied.


  • You can use the module in all the shops of your multi-shop and you can create a different configuration for each of them.

Responsive and cross browser

  • This module adapts to all devices: PC, tablet and mobile. In addition, it is compatible with all browsers.

Compatible with all themes and other modules of your shop

  • You can use this module with any model you are using and it will work with other modules installed in your shop. In case of problem, we will solve it.

Multilingual texts

  • All texts in this module can be translated into the languages ​​of the shop.
Data sheet
Compatible PS 1.4.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.5.X.XYes
Compatible PS 1.6.X.XYes
Compatible PS 1.7.X.XYes
TranslationsEN / FR / DE / ES / PT
Price on PrestaShop Addons€ 39.99 - 89.99