Create enriched reinsurance blocks (Description, links to CMS and custom, image, etc ...) at all levels / locations (home, header, shopping cart, product page, order process, etc ...). Your customers will be more reassured.

What this product brings you

  • Improve customer reassurance on your site
  • Referencing the shop. The attributes "alt." and "title", images are better informed so as to be better indexed by the search engines.
  • Ability to customize each item as it sees fit: Link to any content on the site, description, description, text link, etc., ...
  • Possibility of positioning each element in precise and diversified places: footer, top of page, product page, basket page, etc ...
  • Increase the conversion rate on your shop.

10,0 €

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Data sheet
Compatible PS 1.4.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.5.X.XYes
Compatible PS 1.6.X.XYes
Compatible PS 1.7.X.XYes
ThirtyBees CompatibilityNo
TranslationsEN / FR
Price on PrestaShop Addons€ 39.99

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