The following terms of licence govern the use of the software accompanying the computer, unless you have entered into a separate agreement with PrestaLogik. 


  1.    License to use 

PrestaLogik Grants you a registered use license allowing you to use a copy of the software. "Use" means the storage, loading, installation, execution or display of the software. 

You are only allowed to install and use the software on a single computer only and to log on to a single site (except multi-site licenses). 

The computer on which the software is used must be fully identified. 

However, it tolerated (it is not a right) to install the software on a second backup computer, such as a laptop or PC at home, in addition to the main PC. 

This on the exclusive condition that its use be restricted to the same person. 

You are not allowed to modify the software or to disable the license or command markers. 

You can also acquire a multi-site license, giving you the right to use the program with multiple remote sites. The number of sites allowed must not be exceeded.  

A Multi-site license does not give the right to install the client part of the software on multiple computers but gives the right to install the connection module part on each authorized site server.

 To install the software on multiple computers, you must acquire as many licenses (mono or multi-site depending on usage) as computers. 

If the license is granted for simultaneous use by multiple users, the maximum number of users allowed must not be exceeded.



Intellectual property and copyright related to the software belong to the PrestaLogik or its third-party suppliers. 

This license grants a right to use but does not confer any title or right of ownership on the software and does not constitute a sale of any right to it. 

Third party Suppliers and PrestaLogik Are entitled to enforce their rights in the event of non-compliance with this License agreement.  


  1.     Copies and adaptations 

You are authorized to make copies or adaptations of the software solely for archival purposes or where copying or adaptation is an essential step in the authorized use of the software. 

You must include on each copy the entries for the copyrights present on the original copy. 

Any copy, even partial, of the documentation accompanying the software is prohibited without the prior written consent of PrestaLogik. 

You are not allowed to copy the software or documentation to a public server. 


  1.     Disassembly or decryption

You are not authorized to disassemble or decompile the software without obtaining the prior written consent of PrestaLogik. 

In some jurisdictions, it is not necessary to obtain the consent of the PrestaLogik for some limited disassembly or recompilation activities. 

Upon request, you will need to provide PrestaLogik Reasonably detailed information about any disassembly or recompilation operation. 

You are not allowed to decrypt the software unless decryption is a necessary element in the use of the software.



Your license terminates if the software is transferred to a third party. In the event of a transfer, you must return the software, including any copy and related documentation, to the assignee. 

The latter must accept this License agreement as a condition of the transfer.


You do not have the right to export the software, or any copy or adaptation of it in violation of applicable laws and regulations.



PrestaLogik reserves the right to terminate this license, by notification, in the event of non-compliance, on your part, with these Conditions of licence. 

In the event of termination, you must immediately destroy the software and any copies, adaptations or merged parts in any form whatsoever.


Jurisdiction Award 

For any dispute that may arise in connection with these Terms of licence and their implementation, express jurisdiction is given to the courts of The Republic and Canton of Jura in Switzerland. 

You certify that you have read the terms of licence set forth above and declare that you have adhered to it without reservation.

  1.      Warranty 

Software sold by PrestaLogik is provided as is, without warranty, express or implied. 

In no event shall copyright authors or owners be responsible for any complaint, damage or other prejudice of any kind, following or in connection with the Installation or use of such software. 


  1.      Scope of Limited Warranty

PrestaLogik Warrants to the end-user, from the date of purchase and during the period specified above, that the software will not fail in the performance of its programming instructions due to defects in material or workmanship, for As long as the software has been installed and is being used correctly. 

PrestaLogik does not guarantee that the software will work in conjunction with any hardware or software selected by the end-user, or even that it fulfils any requirements formulated by the latter. 

The PrestaLogik warranty does not cover connectivity problems. 

PrestaLogik Will replace the software that does not run its programming instructions due to a failure when it is downloaded. 

Yes, PrestaLogik is unable, in a reasonable time, to replace the product and return it in its guaranteed condition, PrestaLogik Reimburse a proportionate share of the purchase price against restitution, without delay, of the product. 

The amount reimbursed will be 100% in the first week, 70% in the second to fourth weeks included, 50% in the following month of end-user membership.

Limitations of the Guarantee


To the extent permitted by locally applicable law, the provisions contained in this statement of guarantee describe the full rights of the end-user, excluding any other claim. 

PrestaLogik and its third-party suppliers exclude all other warranties, written or oral, express or implied. 

PrestaLogik and its suppliers specifically exclude any implied warranties or conditions regarding the commercial value of the product and its suitability for any particular use. 

is specifically excluded any guarantee and compensation for loss of data lie directly or indirectly to the use of the software, subject to the limitations legally permitted, the provisions of this warranty are not intended to make Impediment to the application of the mandatory provisions of the Swiss law applicable to the sale of this product, nor to restrict it. They are in addition to the rights that result for the end user. 


  1.     Responsibilities of the Client 

Before you program a replacement of the software, you may be asked to launch diagnostic programs provided by PrestaLogik. 

In case the analysis of the problem reveals no defect, the intervention will be charged at the standard tariffs PrestaLogik. 

You are responsible for the protection of your proprietary and confidential information. 

Likewise, you are responsible for implementing an external procedure to the products for the recovery of lost or altered files, data or programs. 

Before contacting PrestaLogik, it's a good idea to back up all the data on your system. 

The use of the software is governed by this License agreement on the software. 

The purchase, download and use of the software means that you fully adhere to the terms of license set forth above. 


  1.     Support 

No contract or support obligation is included with our software "Free" type. 

We provide support for a period of three months from the date of purchase, by e-mail or telephone, without any obligation to result.