Turn your Instagram account into an online store! The Prestashop Instagram feed module allows you to integrate Instagram with Prestashop in 1 CLICK!
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Do you have a lot of photos and videos of your products on Instagram and look for a way to integrate them into your Prestashop online store, while giving your customers the opportunity to buy your products by looking at photos and videos?

This Prestashop Instagram module is for you!

What your customers will like

  • The customer can easily discover your Instagram photos directly on your site instead of opening your Instagram account.
  • The customer can buy your products online while watching your Instagram photos.
  • Installing this module will make your site more attractive and boost your sales.
  • Installing Instagram Shopping Slider on your site will greatly increase the number of customers following your Instagram account.

Easy integration of Instagram

  • 1 click to integrate Instagram into Prestashop (simply enter the user ID of the Instagram user and the access token then save to complete the integration)
  • Ability to integrate photos anywhere on your site (home page, footer, left column, right column ... etc)
  • Add an unlimited number of tags to photos and videos to categorize your Instagram photos and videos.
  • View the list of tags on the home page, the gallery page, the sidebar
  • View Instagram photos and videos with the same tag wherever you want with the shortcode tag
  • Professional page and professional Instagram tag gallery with SEO optimization (custom meta-title, meta-keywords, meta-description and friendly URL)
  • Allows you to show / hide the captions of photos and videos, hashtags, comments, number of likes, number of comments and a link to open the photo / video on Instagram.
  • Allows you to sort photos (drag and drop to sort photos) by: "Recently uploaded", "Most liked", "Most commented" or "Most marked with products".

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1. The easiest way to integrate Instagram into Prestashop
All you need to do is enter your Instagram API user ID and access token via the module back-office and you will have all your Instagram galleries displayed on your Prestashop site. Instagram Shopping Slider allows you to easily synchronize your Prestashop site with your Instagram account in one step.
2. View Instagram photos and videos on your Prestashop site!
With Instagram Shopping Slider, you can display an Instagram photo and video gallery anywhere on your site, such as on the homepage, footer, left column, right column ... etc. You can also view Instagram photos and videos on the CMS page, product description, all .tpl files, and so on. using short codes.
With each display position, you can customize the display of the Instagram block by configuring the "custom connection" options such as the title of the block, the number of photos displayed, the spacing of photos, the type of layout, etc. .
In addition, in each product detail page, you can view Instagram photos that include any images or video tagged with this product.
This module also provides a gallery page where your customers can view all of your Instagram photos and can even purchase the tagged products directly on the photos / videos.
3. Allow customers to shop on your Instagram photos / videos
This is an amazing feature that you will only find on this Prestashop Instagram module! You can tag your products on any Instagram photo or video to allow your customers to buy them while viewing your photo collection.
The feature turns your Instagram photos into an online store and will definitely boost your sales while providing a new shopping experience for your customers.
4. Sort Instagram photos and videos with photo tags
For each photo or Instagram video, you can add an unlimited number of tags. These photo tags can be used to categorize your Instagram photos and videos. The list of tags can be displayed on the home page, the gallery page, the sidebar, etc.
Instagram shopping slider will create a shortcode for each photo tag and you will be able to view photos and videos with the same tag anywhere, using this shortcode.
Our module also generates a separate page for each photo tag. These tag pages are fully optimized for SEO. You can easily edit SEO elements such as meta-title, meta-description, meta-keyword, friendly URL, and more.
5. Layout in grid, tile and slider
This InstagramPrestashop feed module provides 3 types of layouts: grid, tile and slider. The layouts are flexible, fully responsive and can be displayed on any type of site, even if it uses a custom Prestashop theme.
The module also supports full width mode for 3 types of layouts, which is useful if your site is installed with a Prestashop theme with full width.
6. Easily import / export Instagram data
This is a unique feature that you only find in Instagram Shopping Slider, unlike other Instagram Prestashop modules. It allows you to export all your Instagram data, including all settings, images, videos, texts and product labels in one click. You can also easily import Instagram data to your site quickly.
7. Speed ​​optimization
Loading many pictures on the site can negatively affect the speed of the site. Especially when you upload photos from a third-party site like Instagram.
With Instagram Shopping Slider, you can instantly upload your Instagram photos / videos to your site without increasing loading time.
Instagram Shopping Slider is implemented with a special caching feature that allows you to upload photos without having to connect to the Instagram API server. We also integrate Jquery Lazyload, which is a Javascript library to optimize the loading speed of photos. You can also choose a photo quality to display (low, medium or standard) as well as the number of photos to display to reduce the loading time of the site.
8. Multiple features to easily customize your Instagram photo gallery
More than 10 filtering effects to apply to your photos
Customizing colors, text, and spacing between photos makes it easy to make the Instagram gallery look unique to fit it

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Compatible PS 1.4.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.5.X.XNo
Compatible PS 1.6.X.XYes
Compatible PS 1.7.X.XYes
ThirtyBees CompatibilityYes
TranslationsEN - FR
Price on PrestaShop Addons€ 79.99